Party Tips

Party Tips for Games

Who said planning a children’s party had to be strenuous and expensive? Below we have compiled a list of ideas just for you to ensure your next party is a smash hit amongst the kids.

1. It is always best to include the child or children into the planning stages. (Find out the child’s favorite games, animated characters, snacks etc)

2. Think of a theme based on the child’s interest, favorite games, animated characters etc.

3. Gather enough snacks and drinks to accommodate your guests

4. Decide if your party will be held inside or outside and gear your activities and party theme around the location.

5. Ensure that you choose sufficient game ideas, this is incase some games are not going according to plan, no need to worry just choose another.

6. Whatever games and theme you choose for the party, ensure that you are prepared, after all this is an important time in a child’s life.

7. You can be the moderator of some of these games are designate someone with high energy to keep the children entertained.

8. Being fully prepared means, you are familiar with the games that will be played and have considered the above steps in your party preparation.

Type of Games

Remember this is a children’s party, the object here is to have fun. This is a place to socialize, let loose, be a kid regardless of age. With that being said, try to get everyone involved, this will enhance the children’s experience and make your event more fulfilling.

More fun game ideas for your parties and children events coming soon, keeping on checking back.

If you have a fun game idea for a party and would like it placed here, email us at We will place the game instructions along with your name, state and country.

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