Little E's First Allowance (Vol. I)

ABOUT THE BOOK Get ready to go on an entrepreneurial journey with Little E, as he learns about the handling of money and business in The Young E Series. “Little E’s First Allowance” is the first book within this series, which explores the decisions that Little E faces as he receives his very first allowance. Little E learns about budgeting, savings accounts, and gets bitten by the entrepreneurial bug all in one fun-filled episode of the Young E Series.



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  1. Jason says:

    JUST WHAT WE NEEDED! Though we’ve spoken to our 7-yr old the importance of dreaming BIG, Little E brings the message home and allows him to visualize himself as an entrepreneur. This story was perfect as he himself now wants to start a business instead of just saving allowance! Thank you, very much! We need more stories like this in our schools, libraries, and book fairs. Little E’s message applies to both adults and children – sound advice! I will be purchasing “Little E’s First Bank Account” as well! Can’t wait to see his next adventure in the series. Keep up the GR8 work Parent Choice!!!

  2. Patricia says:

    “Little E’s First Allowance” is a creative way of introducing kids to what is often thought of as an adult topic; managing your finances and starting your own business. I particularly liked the use of graphics and emphasis placed on key words which were later explained in the glossary. It’s a great learning tool for today’s young adults. I look forward to Little E’s next adventure.

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