1. Establish two or more teams with at least seven members per team.

2. Have each member of the teams lineup behind each other, approximately a double arm length apart (more if space is available)

3. Write a sentence on a piece of paper and place approximately 10 feet from first member in the front of the line.

4. When the game starts all members of the team should place their hands over their ears except the members at the front of the line.

5. Blow the whistle if available, the racers at the front of the line will race to the papers where they will read the sentence on the paper, leave the paper and go back to the next teammate inline and whisper the sentence, that teammate will then, pass on the sentence to the next teammate by whispering, until they reach the end of the line.

6. The last person will then repeat the message, which will be compared to the written message for accuracy.

7. The object of the game is to see which team can carry an accurate message from the front of the line to the back the quickest.

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