Why a DOMATICS Enrichment Program?

It is said that games are a metaphor for life and that people generally learn better in a fun, comfortable yet exciting environment. It is within that premise our enrichment programs are created, around fun, educational games.
Choose our customizable holistic programs as an addition to your in-school or after-school activities.Our enrichment programs are geared towards elementary and middle school aged children with an emphasis on mathematical and social skills development.


Students will be able to identify pros and cons of behavioral choices.

The course will drive students to elevate their mathematical calculations.

Students will display improved social skills in patience and self-control.

Students will understand the importance of motivation and positive peer relations.

Students will learn respect for self and others.

Students will learn skills and strategies to become better test takers.

Students will be able to apply concepts of sportsmanship, motivation and compliance to authority figures.

Please contact us if you are interested in starting a DOMATICS enrichment program.

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