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We are creating products that educate, entertain and bring families together in a super fun environment.

Parent Choice Games LLC, is a veteran owned and operated family business dedicated to providing an important avenue for parents, teachers and children to come together and strengthen their bond in a fun and educational environment. Our products enhance learning and enthusiasm for such subjects as, mathematics, entrepreneurship and finance. We are the creators of educational products that promote financial responsibility and entrepreneurship from an early age. Our games and books are designed to incorporate the whole family, and promotes family bonding through social interaction, within a fun educational atmosphere.

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Omar Grant

Co-Founder / Strategic & Marketing Director
US Army Veteran

Michael Grant

Co-founder / Chief Operating Officer (COO)
US Army Veteran

La’Na Prosper

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
US Airforce Veteran

DOMATICS Math Club is a fun, yet creative way for students to improve their Math and thinking skills through the timeless classic game of Dominos. DOMATICS has created a competitive environment which encourages learning!

Sheryl Jones, SCPS Special Projects/Title I Site Facilitator SCPS Westside 21st CCLC

DOMATICS is a product that entertains.  It brings families together where the learning process is more rewarding.  NPTAJ endorses this dynamic learning tool and recommends all parents to obtain a set for their children.

Everton Hannan NPTAJ President, National Parent Teachers Association of Jamaica

… provides an opportunity for students to learn mathematics while finding enjoyment. DOMATICS supports students in the development of computational fluency and problem solving.

Ministry of Education Jamaica, MOE Jamaica