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Is Your Child MATH-PHOBIC?

Many adults have a fear of mathematics that can be traced back to their childhood years. It is oftentimes seen as complex and boring by children who construct mental barriers limiting their chances of success. Luckily, there are solutions to this dilemma, one such solution: educational math games! At this point, you are probably wondering how that could be helpful. Well, if your child is like mine, it is rather hard to pull them away from games to concentrate on a lesson, not to mention a math lesson. So why not make them play a mathematics game instead? This way, your child enjoys the thrills and fun that comes with the game while still learning how to perform mathematical calculations. With this, learning just got easier and these games can also bring you and your child closer as you enjoy the activity together.

The process of calculation becomes easier for children when they play mathematical games. There are board games that have quizzes on mathematics which are liked by children. There are also various board games that helps with counting numbers, adding and multiplying. Children get involved with these games and in the process learn calculation systems. There are particular games intended for various grade level and you can select games according to your child’s grade or even according to the topic being taught in their school. For instance, if your child is being taught additions, subtractions, multiplication or even division in school, you may select a game such as DOMATICS that helps your child with these mathematical calculations while improving their speed, attention span and still manages to be super fun! These games can be suitable alternative to teach children when they get bored with the formal system of education and provides a good supplement to add fun and help them shed their fear of mathematics.

You could give your child a worksheet to practice math facts or you could play a game with them. Both take about the same amount of time, but one will be a lot more fun. Kids are motivated to practice math facts when they understand that these math facts will determines the outcome in the game. Playing games is just plain fun. Your child will be having so much fun they may not even realize they are doing math, this can only mean one thing…everybody wins!

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