Teaching Moments

Teaching Moments

The job of parenting is not an easy one, there is not an exact science to it. This job requires patience, vision, leadership, and an extraordinary ability to observe, listen and identify teachable moments. It is important to understand and fully appreciate the importance of this job. This job is more important than that of the CEO of the largest corporations, it is more important than the head of countries around the globe. The importance of parenting is oftentimes overlooked, most times taken for granted but it is through parenting that the future is shaped, it is through this job that nations are born. If the children of today are the future of tomorrow, then parents are task with the awesome responsibility of shaping that future one child at a time. Parents, embrace your role as nation builders by first understanding and appreciating your importance TODAY, you hold the keys in shaping the future of tomorrow.

Let’s take the opportunity to celebrate that awesome responsibility by learning to recognize some of life teachable moments and use those lessons to help shape the future.

What are teachable or teaching moments?

This is oftentimes an unplanned opportunity that arises in which a lesson can be learnt from.  It is important to identify these opportunities and capitalize on them to provide context to further expand learning. 

Examples of teaching moments: