Math + Games = Awesomeness

DOMATICS: A domino style math game that teaches the principle of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a fun game environment. It is designed to help children learn basic arithmetic calculations while encouraging them to learn how to gradually speed up their mathematical calculations. The game is designed to enable players to use strategy to play efficiently. Players will need to know when to play a high tile or when to play a low tile, when to take risks and when not to. This will help to give players that preparation to analyze and make informed decisions based on their evaluations. Most importantly the game is designed to include the whole family.

Promotes family bonding & team-building
Teaches sportsmanship
Promotes socialization & Improves self-esteem
Teaches interpersonal & communication skills
Teaches arithmetic & analytical skills
Develops thinking skills & enhances decision-making
Develops cognitive & spatial abilities